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Shore Power Services

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Electrical System Design

High Performance

Large-scale Yacht projects often require Electrical System Design. As part of our commitment to eco-responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team takes all environmental considerations into account.

Electrical System Repairs

Repaired and Tested

Yachts often require Electrical System Repairs. As part of our commitment to yacht engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. Our team is able to find a cost effective solution to resolve any yacht electrical break downs.

Yacht Power Management

Safe & Stable

Shore Power Services provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges in the yachting industry. Through Yacht Power Management, we leverage our knowledge to reduce risk and simplify operations.

HVAC Supply and Service

Cool & Stable

Shore Power Services provides clients with an expert Air Conditioning team equipped with diverse skills to meet various challenges with yacht Air Conditioning systems. We’re constantly looking for new advancements and technologies to find the smartest and most optimal solutions.

A Bit About Us

Our Goals

Shore Power Services is comprised of a group of engineering experts who focus on creative solutions for complex engineering projects. Since 2014, we’ve accomplished much success with various projects. We strive for innovation and work carefully in order to stay within budget while providing maximum value for our clients. By having a Middle East and European office we can help you at both ends of your journey.

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alpha Power Solutions

Alpha Power Solutions provides UPS and alternative power supply solutions ranging from Yachts, Hotels, IT Servers and Private Homes. Providing systems ranging from 500 watts to 2.4 Mega watts. 



Through years of experience, we know the industry and therefore design all our equipment using durable materials, small dimensions and with a great eye for serviceability. For more than ten years, Mavé has produced chiller units that are equipped with the unique inverter compressor technology. Through these years of experience with this technology, Mavé has been able to evolve this system and now the MAR-IX chiller unit is a top product in its sector.



NEWMAR has been a leading manufacturer of electronic power products for over 45 years.

Newmar is committed to meeting requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Product Categories:

  • Battery Chargers

  • AC to DC Power Supplies

  • Power Supplies with Built-in Battery Back-up

  • Complete Communication Power Rack Systems

  • DC-DC Converters

  • Electrical Panels and Panel Accessories

  • DC Power Conditioners and Filters

  • Communication Accessories

  • Electronic Installation Accessories

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Founded in 1998, the company has recently added key personnel to both the engineering and management staff. The management staff now has over 80 years of design and manufacturing experience in the AC Power Conversion Market.Products designed by our engineering staff can be found throughout the commercial, marine, and military markets with power levels ranging from 8KVA to 800KVA. 

Shore Power Services

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